John Longo

John Longo

About Me


Hello! I’m John, a Certified AWS Cloud Engineer with a very diverse skill set. I started my career back in the 80’s as a CICS programmer and have been working on distributed systems since the 90’s.

I started developing web applications using Java and the first iteration application servers (before J2EE was even a thought). As the Java specification grew, I developed my skills in range of different servers including WebSphere, JBOSS, WebLogic, Apache Tomcat embedded (Spring Boot). I also aquired skills along the way with TypeScript/Express and Python/Flask. My broad experience using these applications allows me to successfully work on a variety of different projects within multiple different industries and systems.

I currently develop mostly with Python and AWS Lambda. I also can do work converting Traditional Java monolithic applications (JSP, etc.) to Spring Boot (OpenShift), Quarkus/Graalvm, Node/TypeScript and Python/Flask to create REST API running in OpenShift and AWS Lambda that are typically used by UI apps developed using Angular, React, Vue & Ext JS.

If you like to get more detail on my technical experience, please click on the Home Lab link to review my application prototypes I have running in the on-premises lab and AWS Cloud. There you will find the detail of each prototype, the technology used and the URL to the application running in my VMware/OpenShift cluster and AWS Lambda.

So that’s my experience in a couple of paragraphs. On a personal note, I’m originally from Pennsylvania (Go Steelers! been a fan since the early 70's), and I’ve lived in New Jersey for the past 30 years with my wife, Pat. We have a daughter, Jess, a yellow lab, Beau, and two cats, Lucy and Ricky. When I’m not working, I love to go fishing.

If you have a project you currently need help with I would love to chat. Please feel free to email or call me.

  • Residence:United States of America
  • City:Mendham, NJ
  • Phone:(973) 543 - 1220
  • FullTime Employee:Available
  • Contract Employee:Available
  • Remote:Available
  • On-Site:Not Available


Over 35 Years of Experience


1982 - 1995

Mainframe Developer

Bankers Trust, Chase Bank
1996 - Present

Web Design and Development

Federal Reserve, Citi Bank, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida



Lehigh College

Computer Science

Design Skills

Web Design


AWS Cloud

Enterprise Integration

Web Security

Coding Skills




Deployment Environments

Spring Boot, Quarkus Graalvm



AWS Lambda

Serverless, SAM

CICD Jenkins, CICD Tekton, GitLab, Code Commit, Bit Bucket

Home Lab

The purpose of the lab is to give me the ability to prototype new technologies very fast in an enterprise like environment to see if they are worthwhile pursuing. Usually what I can do in a weekend would take me months in a traditional enterprise environment. Below are some prototype applications I have running in my home lab. Because I own these applications I can freely discuss and share my design and code with prospective employers without violating any confidentiality agreements. Please click on the images in the grid below to get more detail on each prototype.